Plant Protection Organization in interaction with associations and organizations
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After six months, we witnessed good developments in the Plant protection organization, and the specialized media, with the belief in the professional dignity of the Dr. Dargahi and the selection of specialist forces, and their continued control of their activities at the first media meeting with him and the managers of the organization, and Dr. Ramezannezhad, head of the Information and Public Relations Center I was honored by this young and leading director

Sanctions are not over yet
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If wheat is a strategic plant in the world, it is due to bread made from it, and all around the world researchers check shortage or abundance of food , in terms of producing the main food of the people.that is, bread. Engineer Alireza Morovatpour, managing director of Nanvaran Co., although not satisfied with the current conditions, but the national sweat of this domestic manufacturer is so much that its loyalty tells a clear and promising future

Flower Fair of Iran in the Netherlands
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For past years, Khazar Eurasia Co. has been working with engineer Ali Shahbazi with the aim of improving the standing and sustainability of flower, plant and greenhouse industry By organizing indoor flower and plant exhibitions -IGTF-, in April of each year at the permanent exhibition of Tehran’s international exhibitions and Participation in Valid Festivals of the Netherlands -in the area of ​​Weifhausen, Amsterdam- annually leads to the growth of Iran’s flower and ornamental plants.