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Rural development with the help of Japan

Most of Iranian farmers know Japan,by presence of "jika" in the agricultural section of Iran , and finally with Kubota Tillers and Combines"Made in Japan", of course, Jeeka has had a lot of influence in the northern provinces, Kermanshah, Khorasan and ... Now the Japanese embassy and Japan's Ambassador Kobayashi and Second Secretary of the Economic Cooperation Section of the Embassy paid special attention to agriculture in Iran. Development of bilateral cooperation. In the context of these collaborations, a project for the construction and equipping of a plant for the production of distillates in Mazandaran province within the framework of the program "Granting grants to public institutions for projects for the provision of basic human needs", or GGP (joint cooperation of the provincial women's village office of the Ministry of Jihad-e-Agriculture and the Japanese Embassy( Was operated on August 19th in the village of Tirtash in the city of Haloogh, Mazandaran province. Page 27

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