Natural resources
South of Iran, susceptible to cultivation of desert gold

The need to return to ecological production and maintain the balance and stability of natural cycles is a topic that advanced countries are trying to achieve in the form of diverse agroforestry, mixed cultivation, etc., as well as attention to new species such as Jojoba. Due to its unique crop characteristics, Jojoba has a great potential for cultivation and development in semi-arid regions of the country. The major producer countries of the Jojoba plant are America, Australia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Egypt, Peru and Palestine.

Jojoba's alcohols also contain Icosanol and Decosanol, and a small amount of hexacosanol and alcohols with a lighter molecule.

In addition to the properties of Jojoba oil, the seeds of this plant are water-soluble, known as a unique vegetable oil, called "liquid gold" or "desert gold".

مدیر سایت

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